Just about any financial advisor can invest your assets in index funds and generate financial statements. You can even do that yourself.

At Robinson Capital Management, we serve our clients with a full spectrum of consultative services, from the preservation of your principal to tax, estate and retirement planning. This can involve discussions about wills, stock option analysis, real estate and charitable giving.

We’ll help demystify the complexities of finance, and partner with you to develop the financial strategies that serve you best. And when changes in your plans or the financial landscape do occur, we’ll discuss how to mitigate the downsides and take advantage of emerging opportunities. We’ll even remind you to make your estimated tax payments.

Robinson Capital Management chooses Charles Schwab investment products exclusively to provide steady, long-term performance for our clients’ assets. We use the Schwab Portfolio Center to run customized reports that let you see how each segment of your investments is performing over time.



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Asset Management

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Retirement Planning
(on hourly basis)

Estate Planning
($10M + per couple)

Real Estate

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Stock Option Analysis

Rental Property Investment Return Analysis

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Tax Planning


Trust and Charitable Giving